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ayalakimleague ([personal profile] ayalakimleague) wrote2009-10-25 05:14 am

New Home

I searched through many "free web sites" on the internet, however, each one I came across stated that they would not allow "pornography", "adult contain", or "anything that would be considered offensive". Now, while those of us who read and write slash fanfiction don't believe that the contains of our beloved stories are offensive, there are plenty of netters who could, would and do find our form of reading enjoyment "upsetting".

Then there was the whole "we will not allow anything that someone under the age of 18 couldn't look at" or "you will not be able to restrict access to only those over the age of 18."

So, my at least temporary solution is this: a dreamwidth account. Hopefully I will be able to find a more permanment place of residence soon.